Reasons to Invest in Fleet Storage

Managing a fleet comes with fearsome challenges, one of which is storage. Here are some of the best reasons why you should invest in good, if not better, fleet storage in Cleveland Ohio:

Protect your investment

There’s the fact that an entire fleet of vehicles could mean millions of dollars’ worth of investment, which is often the case with government vehicles, says Government Fleet. If you’re putting that fleet in a large open area and leaving those vehicles exposed to the elements, you’re not protecting your investment.

Higher efficiency

When your fleet is in tip-top shape, your vehicles operate maximum efficiency. Engine problems, though, could throw a wrench in your plans and schedule. If your vehicles often break down, that could mean a ton of repair costs. By paying for fleet storage, your units aren’t exposed to harsh elements or extreme weather conditions. That means less damage, especially during cold climates. With less damage, you end up with better-performing units, less delays and faster transport times.

Better productivity

With a fleet storage, you could significantly improve on the efficiency of your vehicles. You could also cut short prep. Easy enough to keep your fleet in ready-to-go condition when you have a good storage facility on your side. That helps you to do so much more with less time and resources or in less time than it used to take your crew. With good storage, you could see a jump in your productivity.

Comprehensive security

Considering how much your fleet costs, you’ll want to ensure the security is top-notch. The best storage facilities can offer that and more. With 24-hour surveillance, you can take a look any time you want. Need to get to your units at any time? Some facilities offer 24/7 access so that won’t be a problem. Some also provide a number of other services, all in a bid to provide your unit with better security.

Greater cost savings

The less damage to your vehicles, the less repair and maintenance work necessary. That means less costs and expenses as well. With good fleet storage in Cleveland Ohio, keeping your investment in top form is easy. You can save up on a lot when you have high-performing units in your fleet. That also means less delays that could hurt your business and bottom line.

Don’t leave your fleet out in the cold or sun. For more information about the benefits of fleet storage, give us a call today.

Tips for Selecting RV Storage Facility

Picking out the right RV storage in Cleveland Ohio can solve a lot of your storage problems and stress. Here are prime tips on how to land the best option:

Do your homework

Information helps you determine which options are solid and not. With enough research, you’ll find it easy to make a reliable choice, one you wouldn’t end up regretting. So whether you go for outdoor storage, indoor storage or an individual storage unit, you’ll end up with the one that meets your needs and budget in the best way.

Don’t compromise on security

While cost matters-the last thing you want to do is go over your budget, especially if you intend to keep paying for that storage unit for more than a few months to a year-don’t run the risk of paying for cheap storage just to save up on a few dollars. You could compromise the security of your RV and end up with a mess on your hands.

Be realistic about costs

If you want 24-hour video surveillance along with every-day, any-day access and an individual security system for your storage unit, then expect to pay a lot more. Temperature-controlled units also makes for a much bigger bill. Check the average costs online so you get an idea how much you’ll need to spend to get the best possible RV storage in Cleveland Ohio for your rig.

Keep other expenses in mind

Remember that paying for storage can come with taxes and annual or monthly contracts. Be sure to stay on top of these so you won’t have payment problems in the future, says That’s Not Camping.

Review terms and conditions

Be sure to read over the contract, chapter and verse. You wouldn’t want to miss any details. Pay special attention to their terms involving late or missed payments. For some storage facilities, you’ll need to renew payment by the first day of each month. Failure to do so could mean a ton of other fees and charges. Find out if they have a grace period or not. That way, you’ll know if you have any leeway with the payment. To avoid any problems, though, it would be wise to simply set the money in advance every month.

Put these tips to good use when you shop for RV storage. For more details on secure and affordable storage options, reach out to us today.

How to Invest in RV Storage

If you are like most RV owners, parking your vehicle in the driveway, yard, or garage simply doesn’t cut it. Besides taking up valuable space, your RV can take away from the curb appeal of your home. Fortunately, RV storage in Strongsville, Ohio, offers a secure place to park your rig when you aren’t on the road. Picking the right storage place, though, can seem challenging. It doesn’t have to be. By following some simple suggestions, you can invest in the perfect storage facility for your RV.

Think About Security

Security is probably the most important aspect in picking an RV storage facility. Outside of your home, your rig is likely your most valuable physical asset. Even if it isn’t, you probably want to be certain your RV will be safe wherever you leave it. As such, make sure you invest in a facility that has complete, tall fencing around the perimeter. Also, find a facility with non-stop video surveillance and 24-hour lighting. Most importantly, though, look for a place that is not visible from roadways. Typically, if your RV is out of sight, it will be out of mind for thieves and others with nefarious intentions.

Work With a Reputable Facility

In addition to finding a fenced, well-lit facility, you want to work with a storage company that is reputable. In the world of RV storage, word travels fast. If another camper had a bad time with a storage facility, you shouldn’t have to repeat that experience. Because of this, you want to be certain you consider the reputation of the facility you plan to use for RV storage in Strongsville, Ohio. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, as reputable storage facilities are happy to share their success stories. If you would rather not check references, just peruse online reviews. In today’s internet age, RV enthusiasts aren’t shy about sharing their experiences.

Consider Location

When you are choosing the right storage facility for your RV, you generally want to pick one that has a convenient location. If you are looking in northern Ohio, you probably want to find a facility near Strongsville, Hinckley, or Medina. Even better, look for a place near a major highway like I-71. This will help make getting to the facility with your rig a breeze. Finally, before you pick your storage facility, look at all access gates. While wide gates might seem to be standard on RV storage facilities, you might be surprised how many places have small, restrictive entryways.

If you are looking to invest in RV storage in Strongsville, Ohio, you might think finding one for your rig will be a challenge. It doesn’t have to be. If you follow these simple recommendations, you can find the best facility for storing your RV. For more information visit Access Outdoor Storage.

Safety Upgrades for Maintenance Facilities Servicing Commercial Fleet Storage

If you are in the shipping industry, you probably understand how critical safe, legal, fleet storage is. You probably also understand the negative consequences of improper fleet storage in Cleveland, Ohio. As such, when you are choosing a facility to park your fleet, you likely want to find one that has implemented safety upgrades. While relevant upgrades vary a bit based on the material your fleet hauls, you should generally expect upgraded facilities to have implemented the following safety protocols.

Prevent Combustion

If you haul natural gas, you want to find a facility with upgrades in place to prevent combustion. Ask about procedures for detecting, fixing, and preventing gas leaks. Also, make sure the facility has procedures in place to reduce fuel pressure and quantity if need be. Finally, check that the storage facility can quickly ventilate a contaminated area. If you don’t haul natural gas but are in the business of shipping combustible goods, you also want to know how the facility plans to keep your load from burning.

Prevent Ignition

Even the most prepared facilities for fleet storage in Cleveland, Ohio, have ignition sources somewhere. When you are finding the right place to store your fleet, make sure your facility has procedures to prevent ignition. Heat sources, then, should be in contained areas. Where possible, the facility also should have replaced sparking equipment with safer alternatives.

Prepare for Emergencies

Upgraded facilities cannot completely prevent emergencies from occurring. You should only park your fleet at a place that has an emergency plan in place. Make sure your facility conducts emergency training. Also, look for one that has an emergency warning system so that responders will know about the emergency before it gets out of control.

Prevent Tampering

The best procedures only work to protect your fleet if they remain free from tampering. Because of this, you should look for a storage facility that prides itself on enhanced security measures. The place should probably be under 24-hour video surveillance. It should also be well-lit, fenced, and situated away from roadways.

Maintain Systems

Finally, when you find a place with upgraded storage facilities, you want to be sure it takes certain steps to maintain them. Generally, that means the company should routinely test and calibrate its safety systems. Ask about the maintenance program for information on the facilities continuous improvement plan.

If you are looking for a facility for fleet storage in Cleveland, Ohio, you might want to find one that has upgraded safety features. By using these five criteria as a general outline and then looking for safety features that are pertinent to your industry, you can likely find the best fleet storage in northern Ohio. For more information visit Access Outdoor Storage.