Storage Amenities to Look For

Think about the amenities that the storage facility offers to see if its the best fit for your vehicle.
When considering a storage facility, the first priority is always to double check the security measures in place to protect your valuables. After you go over the checklist of security cameras, fences, locked gates, among other things, you can think about the amenities that the storage facility offers to see if its the best fit for your vehicle.

First of all, you should take a survey of the area to ensure that there are several commercial repair facilities and fuel stations within one mile.
Storing your vehicle during the winter can be brutal and maintenance may be required before its next use. Keeping these resources within a mile will cut down on maintenance costs by reducing problems with proper service before storage and easy access to service after storage.

Planning to store an RV?
You will want to make sure that there is black / gray water discharge on site, as well as electricity in the yard. Plug-ins should be readily available and free to use. Making sure these elements are in place will eliminate trips to and from and external facility that does nothing but waste your time and money.

Services and Amenities
Other amenities worth seeking out include a forklift on site if you have any heavy lifting to do as well as cleaning services to properly maintain your vehicle. Don't forget about easy turning areas as the last thing you want to do is be ready to hit the road and then spend an hour trying to maneuver your vehicle out of storage.

At Access Outdoor Storage, located in the greater Cleveland, OH area, you will find all of these amenities for vehicle storage and more. It is the largest facility of its kind and has plenty of space available for all types of public storage. Whether you are in need of RV parking, car storage, or boat storage, you will have access to all the amenities that should come with a storage facility.

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