Get your measurements right

One of the most common mistakes people make when they pick out a storage unit is getting the measurements wrong. So take the guesswork out of the equation first thing. Whip out your measuring tape and make sure you get those numbers right. You wouldn’t want to end up paying for more than the space you need or dealing any damage to your things after forcing them into such a tiny and cramped space.

Go for a climate-controlled option

Once you find the perfect self-storage facility in Cleveland , don’t just leave your belongings in storage. You might have things that require specific temperatures so go for a climate controlled option. Don’t want to get dust on any of your furniture? Storage facilities also offer dust control features. Talk to the management to make sure you have what you need. This is especially apt if you’re storing your car for the winter or leaving your books or furniture for a year or two.

Don’t choose based on price

Some people only focus on finding a unit that fits their budget. But saving on a few dollars might not be the best option for you. Don’t compromise on security and quality. Take steps to ensure your belongings are protected. And that includes picking the right self-storage unit in Cleveland, no matter the cost. Opting for a cheaper option might save you a few dollars but your belongings could end up with damage or worse, even stolen.

Plan the space

No one wants to pay for more than they should. However, don’t try to maximize every available inch of space that you leave no room for you or your family to move around. Make sure you’ve got a clear path to the door. If you ever need to find something later on, make it easy for you to get your hands on that item by leaving ample space to access your belongings. Stack your boxes right along the walls and don’t try to overpack. That way, it won’t take you hours to retrieve a single item or box if and when you happen to need to.

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