Secure Trailer Storage and Much More near Akron, Ohio

If you own an expensive boat, RV or truck, the last thing you want to do is leave it sitting in your driveway or parked at the side of the road. Not only is there a significant risk you’ll wake up one morning to find it’s gone, there’s always the chance of it being damaged by careless road users, or causing an obstruction which isn’t appreciated by your neighbors! We can help, offering secure outdoor storage facilities that are ideal for RV storage, car storage and much more.

We Store Virtually Any Vehicle

Many people find it easy enough to get affordable car storage, or even suitable truck storage, but what happens when you have to store an extremely large and unwieldy vehicle – a piece of construction machinery, a snowmobile or even a snow plow? We have plenty of space, so no matter how big or awkward your vehicle may be, we can look after it for you until you need it. Whether you need storage for one vehicle or need a safe location for fleet storage, we can usually accommodate your requirements.

Post-Vehicle Storage Assistance Is Close By

If your vehicle has been parked for a few months, it will probably need minor servicing and may well require a little maintenance before it’s fit for the public road. We have refueling stations, maintenance facilities and servicing depots within a mile or two of our self storage units, so you only need to drive for a few minutes before reaching the assistance that you need.

Convenient Vehicle and Boat Storage for Akron Residents

We pride ourselves on offering local people a great value and flexible storage which enables them to leave their vehicles safely. We ensure your vehicles are safe from thieves and vandals for as long as you need. Offering short- or long-term contracts, our aim is to give every vehicle owner the opportunity to enjoy secure, high quality storage for a highly competitive price. To find out more, call us at (330) 220-4499.

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