Fleet Storage: Problems & Solutions

There are many fleet storage solutions available in Cleveland, Ohio. No matter what you choose in the end, always weigh the risks before you commit to anything. If you haven’t considered what could go wrong, it’s important that you think of the potential problems that could surface.

Below you will find a couple of concerns as well as solutions to prepare you for carefully storing your property and assessing the situation.

Storing Property Without Damage

Humidity and varying weather conditions are a threat to your property. Be sure to use a waterproof cover for your fleet storage. If you’re covering a vehicle, remove the windshield wipers to prevent it from sticking. Also, plug the exhaust pipes to keep out pests and prevent dirt from collecting inside.

Ensuring Safety and Security

The more automobiles or watercrafts you store at once, the greater the concern of the potential risks imposed upon your property. Since there’s more property to keep track of, the dreaded scenario of theft or damage is higher. It’s imperative to gauge the safety precautions your Cleveland, Ohio fleet storage service takes. You want to rest easy knowing your property is protected. A good storage service will have video camera surveillance and alarms.

Before leaving the storage premise, ensure the windows and doors are closed in every vehicle or craft, and take any and all possessions with you.

Having 24/7 Accessibility

There is nothing worse than not having the ability to access your stored property when you need it. A storage service in Cleveland, Ohio with 24/7 entry is a must. You never know when you will need to access to your automobile or watercraft.

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