Storage units come in handy when you need to keep your car, books and other belongings in storage. So if you’re moving away for a few years and need some place to store your things, renting storage units in Medina Ohio is the way to go. Here are some of the most interesting ones by far:

Michael Jackson tunes

Imagine finding Michael Jackson songs that were never released to the public before? It would’ve felt like finding a gold mine. That’s what happened with someone opened up Joe Jackson’s storage unit. Since the songs were recorded in between contracts, no company has legal claim on them. The tunes are reported to be worth millions.

James Bond’s Submarine car

Anyone who has ever watched a film out of the James Bond franchise knows that smooth cars an indispensable part of the world’s favorite British spy. When a man paid 100 dollars for the contents of a storage unit in Long Island, you can be sure he never imagined he’d find one of 007’s iconic cars, specifically, the submarine car used in The Spy Who Loved Me film. The car was sold to Elon Musk for nearly about a million dollars later on.

An artist studio

Some storage units, too, are being used as a compact artist studio. The acoustic advantages are obvious. You can set the mini space up with whatever you need, from sound-proofing the walls to a decent mike and gear.

A mini library

Have too many books and no one to leave them with? If you’re going away for a few years for grad school or for work, and you know the leave is only going to be temporary, then there’s no need to sell off all the beloved books you have to leave behind. Create a mini library for your books or a convenient reading room away from home.

Wheel of Fortune

A big winner from the Wheel of Fortune apparently used a storage unit to show potential buyers through his jet skis, dining room set that was shiny and new and bevy of kitchen appliances.

There are so many interesting ways and things people use and have in their units. So if you need some extra space for storage or a good hideaway spot, take a page of out of their book. Look into getting one of the many storage units in Medina Ohio and use it.

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