An RV can be a great thing. With an RV, you can go on long-term road trips throughout the entire country, or even make a little trek through South America’s roads, while enjoying the comforts of your own toilet and kitchen.

Motorhomes are extremely versatile, and by far the best way to road travel with a family – or even just as a couple. Of course, there are differences between motor homes and RVs, as per the DMV – but no matter whether you’re driving a simple class A RV or a hulking class C, you run into the same issue: they’re not always in use, and when they aren’t – most times of the year, as it were – they simply take up quite a lot of space and don’t do anything for you, while you could be putting all that good space to use.

So what do you do? Sell it, and only rent one for when you want to make a several week trip? No. Besides, deciding to sell and actually selling are two different things – there’s no guarantee you’ll find a buyer, and it takes time and effort to find one with a price you agree with.

Then you’d have to haggle for a good rental option the next time you want to go on a trip.

That’s why RV storage facilities matter, and more so, it matters that you find yourself a quality facility like Access Outdoor Storage.

But how do you set apart the quality storage facilities, from the other, more mediocre examples? Easy – it’s all about priorities.


First of all, you’ll need to be sure that your chosen RV storage facility has the capacity required to store your vehicle. Just any vehicle storage facility most likely won’t do – be sure that your chosen facility is equipped to handle recreational vehicles of any size.


The mother of all factors is, of course, the cost. You don’t want a facility that is too pricey. After all, while you may be able to afford a few months, you have to think long term – when’s the next time you’re taking your vehicle out of storage?

Consider all the security options and benefits a facility might have, and ask yourself how many of these actually matter to you.


While cost is a priority, security is important – after all, besides convenience, storage facilities are there to make sure that your vehicle isn’t stolen.

If you can find a facility that satisfies you in all factors, then you’re good to go.