If you are in the shipping industry, you probably understand how critical safe, legal, fleet storage is. You probably also understand the negative consequences of improper fleet storage in Cleveland, Ohio. As such, when you are choosing a facility to park your fleet, you likely want to find one that has implemented safety upgrades. While relevant upgrades vary a bit based on the material your fleet hauls, you should generally expect upgraded facilities to have implemented the following safety protocols.

Prevent Combustion

If you haul natural gas, you want to find a facility with upgrades in place to prevent combustion. Ask about procedures for detecting, fixing, and preventing gas leaks. Also, make sure the facility has procedures in place to reduce fuel pressure and quantity if need be. Finally, check that the storage facility can quickly ventilate a contaminated area. If you don’t haul natural gas but are in the business of shipping combustible goods, you also want to know how the facility plans to keep your load from burning.

Prevent Ignition

Even the most prepared facilities for fleet storage in Cleveland, Ohio, have ignition sources somewhere. When you are finding the right place to store your fleet, make sure your facility has procedures to prevent ignition. Heat sources, then, should be in contained areas. Where possible, the facility also should have replaced sparking equipment with safer alternatives.

Prepare for Emergencies

Upgraded facilities cannot completely prevent emergencies from occurring. You should only park your fleet at a place that has an emergency plan in place. Make sure your facility conducts emergency training. Also, look for one that has an emergency warning system so that responders will know about the emergency before it gets out of control.

Prevent Tampering

The best procedures only work to protect your fleet if they remain free from tampering. Because of this, you should look for a storage facility that prides itself on enhanced security measures. The place should probably be under 24-hour video surveillance. It should also be well-lit, fenced, and situated away from roadways.

Maintain Systems

Finally, when you find a place with upgraded storage facilities, you want to be sure it takes certain steps to maintain them. Generally, that means the company should routinely test and calibrate its safety systems. Ask about the maintenance program for information on the facilities continuous improvement plan.

If you are looking for a facility for fleet storage in Cleveland, Ohio, you might want to find one that has upgraded safety features. By using these five criteria as a general outline and then looking for safety features that are pertinent to your industry, you can likely find the best fleet storage in northern Ohio. For more information visit Access Outdoor Storage.